Sunday, 1 May 2022

spring in edinburgh

 Hi guys, it's Lauren again writing from the George Hotel Edinburgh. Life and work in Edinburgh has been overall pretty good.  

The workload was very hectic for a while like most places I'm sure. Our head and sous chef both left and along with them a lot of our team. So we were very short staffed. Luckily now we have formed a bit more of a proper team. Not having a head chef or a sous puts every one on the same level and creates more comradery in a way. We have also downsized the menu to accommodate for the smaller team size which has helped things run a lot smoother which is good.  Since there isn't as much of a hierarchy we have also been able to add our own flare to the dishes. So we get the opportunity to add our own ideas and add daily specials. If they go over well our ideas could be permanently added to the menu. 

Our downsized menu : 


Homemade soup of the day 

Scottish smoked salmon, crème fraîche, caviar, micro cress, rye bread  

Corn-fed chicken and herb terrine, caramelised onions, sourdough toast 


Shepherd’s pie 

Slow-cooked Scottish lamb shoulder, carrot, peas, rosemary

Roast cod, romanesco, curried cauliflower, rainbow chard, mussels  

Corn-fed chicken supreme, roasted heritage carrots, kale, black pudding, pomme purée, café au lait  

Goat’s cheese and fennel brûlée, beetroot, rocket 


Scottish beef burger

Beer sourdough bun, lettuce, beef tomato, house sauce | Add: Isle of Mull Cheddar | Bacon | Jalapeño guacamole 

Scottish grass-fed rib-eye 

Confit tomato, grilled mushroom, rocket, fries

Flat iron 

Charred broccoli, confit garlic, Tabasco onions


Béarnaise | Peppercorn | Chimichurri

Edinburgh in spring is absolutely beautiful as I mentioned before Edinburgh as a city is so scenic but even more so now as the trees come into bloom. I am very lucky to live next to the meadows which is a beautiful green area which takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its a great place to chill with friends or get some peace on your own. There is an artisan pizza van which sits at the top of the meadows which is lovely to enjoy on a sunny day.  Overall I definitely recommend coming to Edinburgh even if the hotel doesn't interest you there are many many places with fabulous food. So it is a great option to explore for all my foodies out there. Until next time xo Lauren

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