Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Welcome to Elephant Rock🐘

I am currently working at the Elephant Rock Hotel in Portrush. I decided to stay in the Coleraine area as I really enjoyed it for my university placement and there were friends I didn't want to say goodbye to just yet. The Elephant Rock Hotel is a new boutique hotel that opened at the start of February, so I am getting to see the progression of business from the ground up. 
My first day consisted of meeting all the staff and us getting to know each other while it was all hands on deck getting the hotel ready for opening day. A meeting was had between the chefs on what the menu would look like and a discussion about the delegation of responsibilities. I am running all things pastry in the kitchen which I was happy about as its what I want to specialise in coming back in 4th year.
When it comes to hours I am on a four day week contract on 10 to 12 hour shifts, we clock in at 11 and run through prep and service until close, which is dependable on what time out last table is booked in for. So I usually end up covering about 45 hours on average in a week. The shifts are long but our bosses are amazing with any days off you want is absolutely no issue. I usually get earlier on in the week off as all of my friends from uni are here for lectures so I still end up getting a taste of University life while also working full time.
Overall, I am really liking my experience in Portrush so far, it reminds me of home being so close to the sea and would highly recommend it as is the foodie hub of the North Coast, along with having many facilities and a good night life.
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