Monday, 16 May 2022

Blog entry 3

 My last month in Chania!

Hello everyone!

I'm about to finish my internship and I really only have positive comments about it. I wish everyone was as lucky as I was to be in a restaurant or organization where they trust you, treat you well and make you feel like your work matters. That was exactly the case for me and I feel like I am leaving a family in this beautiful place.

As for the work itself, I am doing the preparations and I am already serving the diners. This was a little stressful at first because my time to make the preparations decreased, but it was also exciting to be able to be "in the battlefield". I'm not going to lie, it has been exhausting. There are days when my whole body aches and I don't want to get out of bed, but overall I have been amazed at my stamina and my ability to work for so many hours. I have realized that I complain a lot. When there are no clients, I complain because I am bored and without clients time passes very slowly. And when there are many clients, I complain because there is too much work and I feel under pressure. Does this happen to you too? Now I'm always looking for the positive side of every situation. Few clients? I get to do something productive, deep clean, make preparations, etc. Too many customers? I appreciate the opportunity to test my learning and see how well I am flowing with myself and the team I belong to.  

Without a doubt, it has been a very valuable and learning journey. I am very grateful to Dimitris, Pedro, Grigoris and Sara for making me feel part of their team and all I can say to them is that, if you ever come to the beautiful city of Chania, come to Matzenta Kuzina del Sol. You will not regret it. I close this blog with photos about the city, to encourage you to come and see this wonder.

Happy vacations to all of you!

José Salum

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