Monday, 16 May 2022

Off Time in Canada

 Because of the times, lengths and amount of modules you do, you find yourself with a nice amount of down time. Public transport makes it very easy to go into the city, however it is about an hours trip to get downtown. But once there, there is a wide range of activities to do. There are endless amounts of bars to go to and there is also a wide range of restaurants and cuisines to try and I would strongly suggest that you try as many different restaurants and cuisines while you are there as it really opens your eyes to what is actually out there. 

The faculty of business, who run the culinary programmes, were very good at organising trips to see various attractions and other outings. With the faculty of business we went to a vineyard for a wine tasting and following this we went to Niagara falls, which are a must see while staying in Canada. Another trip we went on with the faculty was to the CN tower, which had amazing views of the city and put the size of Toronto into perspective. We also attended a hockey game and basketball game with the facility. The coordinators from the faculty of business were great and helped make our time there really nice. P.S all these trips are covered by the faculty of business.

One of the most surprising trips we went on while in Canada was going to Cuba for a week. I could not recommend going to Cuba enough. We flew out on our mid term break for a week and it was amazing. We went from snow to sun and it was a great way to get away and it was something different than just going into the city or travelling to another part of Canada. The food may not be the best but that didn't have much effect on the overall time there.

I would highly recommend going to Humber College to study as I had an amazing time and made unforgettable memories and great friendships.

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