Friday, 29 April 2022

Working Hard or Hardly Working


Hi guys, Bethany here. Coming into month 3 of placement and things are going just fine. Work has its ups and downs, hard days and easy but the atmosphere and mood in the kitchen has definitely improved lately. After the loss of our head and sous chefs the kitchen has more of a team dynamic rather than a hierarchy, and surprisingly, it works very well.

As I come into the last month of my placement, I have realized that this is the city for me. Edinburgh is such a beautiful place and there is so much to do and see. Every time I explore, I find something new and it’s a constant source of excitement for me.

In the last  3 months I have had friends and family come to visit me, and while I have my favorite sights, restaurants, and bars, we always try to find some place new to try. Thanks to our adventures, the top restaurants/bars on my list now include;

·         Dishoom, Edinburgh’s top Indian restaurant, a tapas-sharing type menu full of exotic, fragrant, mouth-watering dishes. 

·         Café Adaluz, a Spanish tapas restaurant full of authentic Spanish décor, food, and atmosphere. It feels like you stepped into Spain.

·         The Alchemist, magically fun drinks that  excite the soul and taste amazing. Entertainment included as you watch the drinks being made right in front of you at the bar.



Along with having an amazingly diverse culinary industry, Edinburgh has some of the worlds greatest sights. This month I spent most of my days off exploring Old Town. The royal mile is home to gorgeous Georgian architecture, busy tourist shops,  jaw dropping photo opportunities and constantly full of tourists. It is the perfect place to spend your weekends if you enjoy busy, life filled streets. Or nice to stroll through by yourself when its quiet and calm on a morning and the sun starts to hit the buildings, lighting up all the streets on the walk from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Castle.


Out of all the places I’ve lived so far in my 22 years, Edinburgh is top of the list. I can now see myself settling down here, enjoying my life and becoming more intimately familiar with this gorgeous city.

In next weeks blog I will dive into the inner workings of Intercontinental Edinburgh The George Hotel, the kitchen, our menu, management style and an honest review of my placement so far. 

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