Monday, 4 April 2022

Oceans Season, Noma 2022

 Hello everybody! Grace here from Copenhagen :). Ive had the amazing opportunity to do my internship at Restaurant Noma, voted Best Restaurant in the World 2021. 

I walked through Nomas doors on February 14th. I was nervous, excited, expectations were through the roof. I was extremely curious to see what is it that makes a restaurant the best in the world. I felt extremely lucky and grateful for being there since day 1. 

The establishment is truly beautiful. It is not like any restaurant I've ever seen. The architecture is mesmerising and truly original. 

I think the best way of explaining my time here would be to walk you through a day at Noma. 

Entrance time is 9am. You walk in, get changed into their most comfortable uniforms (navy t-shirt and an apron) and you go straight into the kitchen. Tasks are not very difficult. Nomas cuisine has a lot of fermentation, which is done solely by the test kitchen/fermentation lab. In noma, there's two kitchen, production and service kitchen. As the name kind of explains for itself, production kitchen is where the "bulk" prep happens: picking herbs, cutting butter, pealing shrimp, cleaning crab, passing fish mousse, etc. 

Service kitchen prep is more precise and consists of smaller tasks that require more attention and precision. examples of these would include: prepping of seafood, smoking, sauces, grilling, etc. 

As part of the internship programme, you're moved around the kitchen every 2 weeks and get to see all the different sections and dishes. according to your capabilities, motivation and self determination, you will be moved more or less often. You really have to show that you want to learn and that you're determined, if not....theres always cod mousse that needs to be passed :).

Noma is doing seafood season right now.meaning that every single thing on the menu revolves around the sea. Even the salt that they use to season is made in-house using kelp! Its delicious!!

Heres an example of one of the dishes that I have been working on recently: oyster eclair.

Savoury eclair, filled with an oyster infused cream, dipped in a seaweed glaze, garnished with caviar and kelp salt. 
The dishes that are used in the restaurant are made by hand! they're truly amazing:

Breakfast is served at 11, lunch at 3. Service begins at 5. And the clock moves extremely quick. 
Before you know it, you're cleaning down at 9 and are home at 10:30. And the day is gone. 
What they do in there is truly magic. 
Cant wait to tell you more! Stay tuned for my next Bloggs! 
- Grace

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