Sunday, 24 April 2022

Grand central 2

 Hi everyone. Its faith here again, to give you guys an update on how I have been getting on at the Grand central.

 Since my last blog post, Marshall has sadly  completed his placement and left us. The pastry department is back down to 2 people because of that I have been given more responsibility and have been able to do up any cake ideas or other ideas I have . There are now days where I am on my own in the pastry kitchen, working through the prep list and dealing with any problems that might occur. That been said everyone pops their head in to check, to ensure I'm doing okay and if I need any help. I find it quite nice being in there on my own because I can just play my music and work through the list as I see fit .It does mean I am working longer hours but that is grand as I only have to pop on the lift to get up to my room. 

I have been working in the morning shift since the beginning of my placement, doing the prep work during the day but come next Saturday I will have my first evening shift .I will be starting later in the day and doing prep work till service commence in the seahorse restaurant where I will have to help out plating the deserts. this will be something different from the usual routine and a  new challenge for me.

All in all I'm really enjoying my time here at the hotel and I will give an update on how I get on in my next blog.

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