Thursday, 10 February 2022

welcome to Billericay

Hi everyone, my name is Joan and for my work placement abroad I decided to go to England. So, where I am working at the moment is in a town called Billericay which is in Essex, England. Billericay is a town and civil parish in the Borough of Basildon, Essex, England. It lies within the London Basin and constitutes a commuter town with 25 miles east of Central London. That makes it very popular destination to live because it is so close to the centre of London, if you want to get into London, it's only 45 minutes on the train. The town of Billericay is surrounded by 2 schools, local shops and lots of different restaurants and pubs that are very welcome people I found So far.
I am working in a restaurant called brunch and bottle. Which I found so far to be very inviting and friendly. All the people I worked with are so nice. The head chef is very a common dating to me, and he's always helping me if I have any problems or if I need to talk. So, I have found that very helpful. I really enjoyed all the different things I'm making like I am on different sections as well mainly the pastry section because that is what I wanted, I asked if I could do that. I find it like a little family in there. Everyone gets on so well and I do think they're going to be amazing people to work with. I even get on really well with the waiting staff there also nice and we all can have a really good laugh sometimes. i find the hours that I am working are very nice So I do a five-day week and usually Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Sunday would be nine to four and then Friday and Saturday would be 9 to 9, so a 12-hour shift. So, it's not too bad like it is only 2 days a week for that one. So far, I think I've learned a lot about ownership on things and responsibility, and being more like punctual and just developing my skills so much and they are all helping me so much in there. And I do find I am becoming a part of the teen and I really like that. It's only been my first month and I really do love it. I hope that you enjoyed listening to what I had to say and you stay along the journey of what happens to me here in Billericay in Brunch in bottle.

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