Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Alchemist 2.0

So, 2 weeks down in my work placement and man has it been a rollercoaster! To say that what i have seen here in these 2 weeks may impact me more than the last 2 years of working would not be an understatement as walking into this restaurant is like entering another world of gastronomy. The best way that i can describe it is like a disney world for chefs, where every detail is taken into consideration and executed to perfection. Lets give you a small look into the Alchemist Experience!
When arriving at alchemist, you may feel like you are lost as there is no sign posting, advertising or anything of this sort, not even a sign outside the front door will tell you this is your destination. You are met with 2 massive doors with elaborate engravings in the middle of an industrial estate. This is to make entering the restaraunt feel like you are entering a new world.
You are then to be met by a masked violinist playing an intense danish home coming song which is a welcome to its guests in a way which will drive goosebumps throughout our body.
You will then make your way into the lounge where you will enjoy your first 10 courses which are small bits to start off the eating experience. You will also select from a wine collection of over 8000 bottles and beutiful cocktails to enjoy also. In the lounge you can watch the chefs at work as it is an open kitchen which gives the guests a more personal connection with the kitchen. .
You then walk up the stairs beside this massive wine celler and walk into the dome. The dome is a multi-sensory dining room which is almost like a planetarium where a massive 360 degree screen changes based on every dish, also specific smells and sounds are put into the room in order to bring this experience up another notch. In the dome the guests will enjoy the next 32 courses of the experience with each dishes either challenging the guest or challenging society or sustainablity issues around the world.
Guests will then table by table, enter the pink room which is more of a fun room to lighten up the night after sitting down for so long and having such an intense dining experence. Here guests are encouraged to dance or sing whilst enjoying 2 dishes inside the pink room.
Now it is time to meet the chefs for the guests. The guests will make their way into the dome service kitchen where they will be greeted by the chefs and given a rundown on how the kitchen runs. Guests then make their way upstairs in a multisensory lift which brings them to the balcony where they enjoy their last 6 courses and some cocktails, tea or coffee. In the next blog we will have a look at some of the dishes you will be eating in Alchemist 2.0!

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