Friday, 25 March 2022

welcome back to brunch and bottle

 Hey everyone, I'm back 

Here to tell you a little bit more about my experience in brunch and bottle. 

I have really been having such a good time working here. I have become supper close with all the staff, everyone in the kitchen, even the waiting staff. The last couple of weeks I have had to get used to a new head chef in brunch and bottle. It was a little hard at first when you're just after getting used to the old one, but I have found he is very nice. He's young, he's new and he's bringing in new ideas that are very exciting. I definite have seen the last couple weeks that we are getting into more of the summer months and it's getting more and more busier with like Paddy's Day, Mother's Day coming up and Valentine's Day. All these bank holidays, that is just really busy times of the year.                                                                       


The one thing that's been very important to me that I have been shown in this place is that how a business works and how it's run properly, like doing orders for food on what you need, how much we think we need and making sure you're sorting out your fridges or freezers. Just doing simple things like that i never used to think of too much about but now it's just become so much more important to me and I'm doing it all the time in work. I understand a lot more on how businesses is run and how it works and what goes into it every day. I really like the way they treat me like an equal, they respect my input. if I think something is not right, I know I can always say it and they listen and if they can, they will change it.                       


About once a month, they do brunch, the brunch has a set menu that people can order from. It is a very popular event in their the usually have a team so it can be 80S teamed or 90s or disco things like that people have really enjoyed I can see, and as well they have a DJ and because the kitchen is open planned, we can see all the people which is very nice. people really enjoy the atmosphere that is sent out and you know they've gotten really good compliments about the food and once or twice people have come up and said to me that's all they really thank you for the service and the food they got served out was excellent. That really is nice and that really boosts my confidence. it can see that I am doing a really good job in here and I really like that. 

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