Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Mid-way through my time in Canada


Hi all, Lee-Ann here

I am mid-way through my time here in Humber college in Toronto. As I said in my first blog that I was doing two classes for seven weeks and then another two for seven weeks aswel. My modules are all in kitchen which is very different than Waterford Institute of Technology as we had a lot more theory subjects. Italian cuisine and practical culinary skills proficiency class was a very easy level as I knew all the basics for these classes, so I enjoyed the two classes and learned more techniques from the lectures. I have started two new classes which are Emerging Trends in Canadian Cuisine and Advanced Nutritional Cuisine. They are at higher level which I am very interested to learn new Culinary skills and techniques. These classes are taking myself out of my comfort zone and challenging my brain. They are very interesting so far and I hope that at end of my time here I will gain more techniques in cooking and more confidence in myself. The work experience is very enjoyable as I get to see what happens in preparation for cooking classes as I am in receiving and purchasing now. This includes purchase order, deliveries, inventory management, wagon building and lab technician.

The faculty of business which is our faculty organise trips for the international students which gives us time to get to know international students and we get to see the city of Toronto. I went on food tour, CN tower and ice skating so far. I am going to Nigari falls, hockey and basketball games before I go home.

There is a week off in the middle of the semester which David, Sam and myself and other International students decide to go to Cuba for the week. It costs us €840 each fights and all-inclusive hotel which is very cheap. From Canada it’s very easy to go see America or the Caribbean as its in between the two countries and the flights are very cheap at the moment. I never thought that I would go to different country when I am in different country. It was the best decision I have ever made as I got to see a different culture. It was a very relaxing holiday as what do you need only sun, drink and food.

To anyone going here in third year, I would encourage them to save as much as possible to do all the trips and explore the city as much as you can. There are so much food places in Toronto to choose from and enjoy your best life and go out to dinner as the food in residence is not great.

The next few weeks are busy as I want to see everything before I go. It will be a happy and sad time as I have to leave behind the friends I have made over here but also, I’m happy to be going home because I miss my family and friends.

chat soon.



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