Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Christmas in Coleraine

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Coming to the end of the semester means the arrival of presentations, assignment deadlines and exams. We have one exam in January in applied sensory science and quality control with the focus being on the quality part of the module as the sensory science was covered in the finding report of the Finnebrogues meat-free sausages. Having already completed an exam worth 30 % in nutrition, the seven of us from Waterford had a different assignment that the rest to complete. Instead of doing practical classes with them, we got to work with ‘chef in a box’ to develop a healthier version of their g existing dishes for the elderly market. I worked on the mushroom stroganoff, in making the sauce consistency better as well as making it look nicer in the packaging, we made to put our research, modification and justification into a report that was sent back to them. The product development was graded based on the groups 6000-word report and our presentation. The panel really like my groups healthy fruit crumble bar and taught the level nutrition we were able to put in while it also remaining tasty was impressive.

Everywhere is decked out for Christmas, with the university putting up their Christmas tree in the main lobby and fairy lights hung all around the student accommodation office. The university made a real effort to make the environment as festive as possible with free hot chocolate, carols and a Santa run happening during this time when assignment deadlines are approaching. Sadly, due to the rise in covid cases the classes Christmas party/ lunches had to be cancelled as it wasn’t possible to organise a safe event.

Coleraine has lightened their tree although there was no real light ceremony due to stormy conditions, the town has a very Christmas feel to it with the blue/sliver colour scheme around the whole town as well as in Portrush and Portstewart. The lights made the are feel very warm and welcoming, while not being over the top and tacky. Sadly, even with the temperature being baltic up here, no proper snow fall came to us while here, there was a few flurries but nothing stuck. The festive feeling emulated in Derry city as well with their lights and massive beautifully decorated Christmas tree beside the glide hall where Santa was waving at everyone who passed. 

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