Monday, 6 December 2021

Bye Colerain


So far in Colerain living here has being going really well. We are going out to lots of different places like restaurants, shops very enjoyable I can say. The town of Colerain is now getting ready for Christmas. They're putting up all there Christmas lights and decorations. All the shops are looking very festive, and the town is getting really busy, which is nice to see. A really nice café that I found that I have enjoyed eating in is called culture coffee they serve lovely teas, coffees and lovely hot chocolates and loads of individual different desserts like a biscoff rocky road or a cookie pie and more, that are all lovely. In the town of Colerain there is a market that goes on every 2 weeks that is amazing, with lots of food, drinks handmade crafts and more. The dates it is happing for charismas is Saturday 27 November Saturday 11 December Saturday 18 December and it starts a 9am-4pm in Coleraine town centre. 


At the moment in the course, it is very interesting we are helping out a company called Chef in a box designed the readymade meals. It has been a real experience because it is something different that we're not just using industrial kitchens, we have to use kitchens that everyone can use at home. with the ready meals I really got change the recipes and make it healthier and even look better. I was doing up the fish pie, but there was also a beef dinner, pasta bake, turkey and ham, a curry and a beef stroganoff. All amazing dish's that we helped on and we can put on our CV that I worked with chef in a box. 

we also maid a little friend when we were up here and we named her franklin😺

 In our class or product development, it has been so much fun designing a snack for kids that is using products that are Waste. The waste product that we are using is the chickpea juice. I have very much had a very warm welcome from everyone here, especially the lectures. They have all been super helpful. There always telling us where we have to go and if you have any problems that we can talk to them about it and that really have good things to say. I can say for a fact that my experience here in Colerain has been amazing and I have made so many new friends and I know my friend and I have really made the most of our self's up here. I would definitely recommend come up here to anyone who is think of it. from Joan 



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