Saturday, 4 December 2021

Barcelona...over and out.

Barcelona – over and out Hola amigos! Last blog from the beautiful Barcelona :(. I have to say, it’s been a wonderful time. Earlier, in my other blog post, I spoke a lot about the college, the modules and the student life as such. But, as you probably can imagine, life here has consisted of a liiiiiitle bit more than just that. Let’s talk about all the possibilities that this wonderful city offers on a daily basis! As as chef, I am highly inclined and driven towards the foodie part of Barcelona. I actually was born in Spain! So I knew what the Spanish gastronomy had to offer before coming here…and wow…this surpassed my expectations. I want to talk to you about my favourite activity and pastime, and something that I greatly enjoy and makes me very happy…the markets.
The markets here are unbelievable…really. They’re MASSIVE! The produce is surreal and so great and the people are just lovely and so eager to speak to you, answer any questions and, if you show a lot of interest…they might even give you a good deal . My favourite market here is the Mercado de la Boqueria. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in the whole of Barcelona AND is known worldwide. See, I wasn’t joking when I said it was amazing. If you want to deep dive into the culture of Spain…please, come to la Boqueria. The ambiance in the market is one of my favourite things. People everywhere, sellers talking to everyone, the smells…oh the smells of every single food item that you can imagine, mouth-watering essences that don’t cease until you walk out. Truly, a gastronomic experience. Inside, it’s very organised, into sections. You have fruit, vegetables, nuts, sweets, chocolates, etc., all located on the outer part pf the market. But, as you adventure in, you will find the meat and subsequently, the fish sections.
The meat. All I’m going to mention is…CHARCUTERIE. Spanish gastronomy is great for a lot of things but, what I admire the most is the charcuterie. The knowledge behind this culinary skill is unbelievable. I have many times, walked in with my chefs book and came out with pages and pages written of recipes, secrets, and flavour connotations that only the charcutier masters know!!! We all know Jamon Serrano…well, there’s much more, believe me. The fish. If you’re a fish lover like myself, please, come to la Boqueria. Immense fresh produce, all at your fingertips. Every single species and type of fish, shellfish and crustacean…is there. The smell mightn’t be very delightful if you don’t like fish so…beware. All in all, Barcelona is an amazing place to visit, NOT JUST FOR CHEFS!!!! I myself have been able to enjoy the richness of the city, something that I will bring with me for the rest of my life. Are you down for the adventure? Thanks for reading!!! That’s a wrap! Over and out, Barcelona. - Gracia

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