Thursday, 2 April 2020

Studying at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Venlo

Hi guys, Kate here again to share some of my news about my experience in the Netherlands and in Fontys.

So, I’m going to start by telling you about the classes. We are taking seven different classes. This includes some subjects that I have already studied but they are taken from a different view. So, in year one we did a module on food labelling, and we are doing that again in Fontys. However, over here we look at the designing of a label. I found this interested as I was able to use the info that I had learned before about the laws and regulations with labelling and put that into practice. Another subject which we have previously covered is sustainability. We did this module in year 2 and did a project to install compost bins in the college which as far as I know are now in use. But in Fontys we are studying this module again. This time, we got to choose our own subject we wished to study and look at. I choose the production of meat and CO2 emissions. I found this interesting, and then we had to produce a short film of 3 minutes to show our findings. A film is something I had never made before. I had great notions of what my film would be like… unfortunately by standards were set way too high. I had not realised how difficult film making was. Filming wasn’t so bad, but the editing was something else!! I got it done in the end, but just about!

(A picture from my film)

Other subject, such as economics, the supply chain and project logistics is something we have never looked at as culinary art students. Basically, project logistics includes a project which 4 students must work together. In my group, there me who’s obviously Irish, then 2 Germans and a Dutch. These people are absolutely lovely, and I have become good friends with one of the Germans. However, when it comes to working in groups it can be challenging at any time, there’s always that one person who does that little bit les than the rest, and on top of that we have a bit of a language barrier.  

Though, I find working in groups difficult as I like to work alone and often end up taking over, I’ve enjoyed working with this group. It’s very different to anything I’ve ever done previously. I believe I’m learning skills that I would not have learned with out going abroad. The simplest thing, such as slowing down as I speak, or speaking more clearly has encouraged me to be more mindful of how I speak and my accent.

Luckily, my Erasmus experience is not just studying! I might have gone crazy if that’s all it was! Luckily I have met great friends also. I will tell you more about, my social life and friends in my next blog.
Thanks for reading! Stay safe everyone!

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