Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Hi there , this is my last post from Scotland.
In this I will tell ye about my days off in Scotland.

The work week here starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. My first week here, my days off  for two weeks ended up landing together. I had three days off in a row. This same weekend I was missing a event at home. So I bought last minute flights into Dublin. This is how easy it was to come home from Scotland for just three days and having no car. I couldn’t book flights too early In the morning as the public transport didn’t start until about 7/8 in the morning. I booked the flights only the night before. It was very easy.

One of my days off I went on a tourist day with one of the girls from Netherlands which I met at induction. She was also on a college placement in gleneagles. We walked to gleneagles train station which takes about 15/20 minutes and got train to Edinburgh, this brought us directly into the city centre. We got tickets for the hop on hop off buses around the city, explored Edinburgh castle and did some shopping before going for few drinks and food before heading back. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. It is full of old building and full of history. I would highly recommend the hop on hop off buses as you hear so many old stories about the city. We went to primark(Penney’s) which has 5 floors in Edinburgh! Great place to also get cheap things for my bedroom.

For my birthday my boyfriend was flying over for two days. Edinburgh airport is about 20 minutes away from city so I just got train to Edinburgh city to met him there. We went to the camera obscura and world of illusions. I would highly recommend going there, it’s very cool and interesting place. There  is floors of different things to see. My favourite part of it was at the end you pass through a moving tunnel with lights  around a straight bridge. It is  nearly impossible to was straight across it and is very fun.  For one of the nights, I used my staff discount to stay a night in the gleneagles hotel which is a experience I have never had before. It was also very nice to see the other side of the hotel as I’m always in the kitchen.

My 6 months in gleneagles was cut short by the world pandemic. I had to leave due to closer of hotel which I was gutted as  I felt I was really settling into the team of gleneagles. I would recommend anyone to do there placement here.

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