Thursday, 2 April 2020

Student life in Venlo!

Hi again,

Since my last post I have fully settled into college and the way of life in the Netherlands!

Classes are up and running properly and I do enjoy how different they are to my classes back home in Ireland, they are hard and very challenging at times as business is new to me but I think it will be beneficial. One of the classes in particular Fresh business is very interesting and very beneficial to the course Culinary arts, Supply chain management is also very useful. Some courses unfortunately are for me repetitive as I have already taken a module in Sustainability and Food Labeling so for me its slightly boring but I can’t fault any of the classes. However, I do think that I prefer the practical approach taken to my classes in WIT, I like the practical way of learning and although I do take theory classes I can apply everything from those theory classes to the practical classes so you always feel like you are learning something useful.

As well as classes I have really enjoyed living in the Netherlands, classes are spaced out nicely and there is nothing scheduled for Wednesdays which is a nice break in the middle of the week to get out and explore. I have discovered loads of lovely places to walk not far away from the town Venlo but you feel like your in the middle of the countryside.

There is also a gym close to both the college and the accommodation which isn’t just a good way to get fit but it’s also the best way to meet people as it seems to be a popular social spot.

The rest of the days have been spent going out for a lot of breakfast and dinners, where we start off with a small group of maybe four but by the end of it there’s always at least ten of us piling into a small restaurant or cafĂ© asking can we all sit together, but staff have always accommodated the big groups so they are well used to this.

That is all for now but I'm sure there will be plenty to report on in my next post.
Bye for now,

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