Tuesday, 28 April 2020

First Christmas away from home!

Tis’ the season to be jolly or exhausted! I myself was working for most of the month, but hey that’s what it is all about. Obviously it was my first Christmas there and colleagues kept telling me how busy it will be but I didn’t really believe them because some may have been exaggerating but they were right it was mental. So it all kicks off around November where the busy lunch period kicks in where we are doing 250 covers every day and Friday going up to about 280.

Just at the start of January I came home for a few days to surprise my mother with my girlfriend as she thought she wouldn’t see me before Christmas so that was really nice, the flights were also so cheap at the time that we couldn’t resist. My dad also flew over from America to see me just before Christmas and I swapped my days off with someone so I could spend a long weekend with him, so considering the chaos I was very lucky to see everyone. While my dad was visiting we took a trip in a black cab around to see all the lights in London during the festive period it was really interesting and beautiful.

So no doubt the Christmas period was hectic so we were all glad to see Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve we were open just from 12:00-2:30 for 250
guests. On the morning every year it is tradition in Scott’s they have a big breakfast buffet for all staff and a raffle. The breakfast is cooked by one of the sous chefs and has everything you could think of from sausages and bacon to eggs three ways and to lots of tasty pastries from the pastry section, egg nog and champagne, it’s really nice. The raffle consists of alcohol, vouchers and prizes from various nearby businesses in Mayfair, I actually won a 150 pound voucher to Scott’s so I brought my mother just after Christmas where we were extremely well looked after.

For Christmas day we ordered all our food through work as we get it cheap. We had 6 people for dinner 3 Italians and 3 Irish. With Scott’s being a fish restaurant we got 4 lobsters, 20 scallops, ½ box of tiger prawns, 20 langoustines…. That was just our starter; we did like a shelled shellfish starter with garlic butter and sauce Americaine.

We had turkey, ham, spiced beef for our main with all the trimmings. Conveniently enough a veg supplier gave chef a present of a veg box which had far too much for him so he gave us the rest. We then followed with a huge array of desserts as one of my friends Chiara is a pastry chef in Scott’s so she supplied the sweet treats such as two types of tiramisu (being Italian and all that), loads of different flavours of chocolate truffles, lemon madelines, pannetone ice-cream, such an amazing finish. We all booked off work until the 29th back on a dinner shift so that was lovely. It was one of my best Christmas’s yet and my first away from home!

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