Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Hi there, Louise here from Gleneagles in Scotland! 
As I get to know more people here which everyone is very friendly. I am getting excited in the many adventures ahead. A hour train journey from Edinburgh and Glasgow, which hoping for many trips to each. I’ve heard a lot about the highlands in Scotland which I believe is a must do trip. 

I am stay in staff accommodation which is apart of my contract. It is a single bed in a small room, wardrobe and a desk and also have my own bathroom. You are allowed have a mini fridge and kettle which I brought as they were very handy for snacks. You don’t have a kitchen, there is a staff canteen which of get your meals out of. Very cheap to eat out of this canteen. They also have a staff bar which is a great place to meet new people. It opens most evenings from about 6 to 12. In this bar they have ping pong table and a pool table. 

As gleneagles has over 1000 staff there is plenty of people to make friends with, people from all over the world. There are many people in the same shoes as me in gleneagles which are here for college placement. Two days of induction were important to me. I learnt a lot  about the hotel and its past and it was a great way to make friends as they were all starting in the gleneagles at the same time, so we all had something in common. I meet some college students and people who were starting here as there full time job. This made moving away from home on my own easier and I was with people in the same situation. My first few evenings I sent going into the small down near the hotel to try get to know the place with some friends I made in induction. 

Really enjoying working in the pastry kitchen. I have mainly been in afternoon tea section so far which is amazing. I go in the morning and start get all the cakes ready, once ready have to go set up for service which is in a different kitchen. Then it’s time to start preparing for tomorrow. Team is very helpful. 

One Sunday of every month they have brunch. It is a buffet style brunch which is very exciting to be working on. One large stand is made up of small dessert, all types to try suit everyone. As a team in the pastry kitchen, everyone tries to come up with fun types of dessert and seasonal. They range from macaroons, cheesecake to homemade marshmallows. They also have a candy floss and popcorn machines which they got made for gleneagles. They also have a trolly made for yum yum eclairs. A yum yum is a Scottish dessert which is a glorified doughnut, it is normally drenched in sugary icing, it’s sponge filling twisted into a long plait. Gleneagles took its own take of it. Which was a doughnut shaped in a eclair filling with strawberry jam and pastry cream.    

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