Monday, 2 September 2019

Uni Life At Its Finest

Onto my second months already in Coleraine. For any of you who do not know my name is Michaela Quigley and I am currently an erasmus student on study placement in Coleraine studying food innovation and consumer science. So far, I have been busy getting used to the weekly routine of uni life. My modules, food innovation, sensory analysis and events management, are all practical based. In small groups. I don't have to take exams,which is a lot of pressure taken off. It gives me more time to focus on my assignments and group work.

The students here are extremely helpful and very friendly. It is a big relief. Going up to study placement alone, although just in Coleraine, was still nerve wrecking. There is nothing worse than standing in a university knowing nobody. But my fears were shortly resolved. They students i worked with in groups were also very understanding. I got a job while I was up in Coleraine. Due to the fact that I wanted to constantly practice cooking while studying. And with uni only being about three days a week I thought it would be a good use of my time. Coleraine is a small town, quite like Waterford. After a while it becomes quite boring, especially when everyone of your roommates commute back home on the weekends.

This month focused on some interesting topics. For one of our assignments we had to come up with a recipe for vegan sausages. There has been alot of progress. the company wanting us to do this came in and sampled the sausages. we had six samples all sing different spice blends and a variety of fruit, vegetables and grains fr texture. It was an amazing feeling when we got high compliments from the company. They praised our sausages and said they were better than most of the vegan sausages available on the market.

We have continued doing wine sampling every two weeks. We also had a guest lecturer from Chicago come in and teach us about food trails that she has went on in Asia and the ones available and what they entail. It was an interesting topic and a side to tourism I forgot even existed. The last module has mainly consisted of practical work. We are half way there to getting two products together before doing sensory analysis on them. It should be great to learn how to conduct a live sensory analysis. It will be something new to learn. Its always good to learn something new.

Well that really sums up this months Uni life. Time flies when your having fun. And with next month just around the corner i truly believe in that statement! Until next time

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