Monday, 2 September 2019

The Final Month Has Arrived

So after three months I have finished my time in Ulster University. It has went by so quick. I am so happy i got to experience uni life. I have learnt so much from being here and was given such amazing opportunities. I feel like I have gained memories, great skills and experiences from this. It has made me think about after college next year and whether i should do a course here in Ulster University.

Food sensory module. For the final assignment, as a group we were asked to come up with three products associated with a certain commodity. Ours was milk. We then created the three products, candy floss milkshake, white sauce based pizza and rhubard and ustard ice cream. On the day we cooked the pizzas and blitzed the milkshake. The ice cream was done prior. we cut them into small samples. Small enough that it wouldnt over feed the testee but not too small so that they wouldnt have enough sample to answer the associated questions. We sampled a total of twenty two people. the results were done on a data base and we interperated them. Then to finish it off we did a 2000 word assignment about the results. It was a great learning experience to see how companies with new products use sensory analysis to determine if there product will sell or not. And to see what sensory analysis can show someone about their product.

Events and festival management course work was very handy.It was a blog based assignment. Each week we would write a blog detailing what we done in the lecture and the seminars. With already writing these blogs I had a good idea how I was going to go about this assignment. And I hope ill get  good marking this one. I am feeling confident!

Last but not least my food innovation module. Vegan sausages. Over the last three months I have been working with two other girls to create a recipe for vegan sausages using South Arican spices.Once completed we narrowed it down to four different sausages to present to the company. A presentation was dont to outline all the basic facts about the sausages like the recipe, nutritional value and the process to make them. We gave samples of each sausage to the company owners for them to try and see which is their favourite. Making the task a little bit more of a challenge the sausages had to be soya free and free from as many allergens as possible. In the end the vegan sausages were dairy free, soya free, gluten free and free from any artificial substances.Which is pretty impressive in my eyes. The company loved them. I hope in the future they will be selling the vegan sausages on the market. It would be an accomplishment to know the I had helped in the making of the product

And that is it. My time in Coleraine has sadly come o an end. And what an experience it has been. I have met some wonderful people and learnt some knew skills I can keep with me after college. It has opened my eyes to just the amount of knowledge that can be gained from the industry I have entered. making me more content that I picked the culinary industry to work in.

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