Sunday, 8 September 2019

The Half Way Point

I’m half way through my traineeship in the Culloden Estate & Spa. I’m really enjoying my time here up to now. So far I’ve spent the majority of my time working on the starter / sweet section of the kitchen, while also working on functions from time to time. I’m working really well on the starter / sweet section now. The menu has changed on several occasions since I began here, each time we began a new menu I was given the opportunity to contribute new ideas while the menus were being developed.

Working for functions has been a new experience in the kitchen for me. In the past I wouldn’t have gained any experience working for big functions so this was an aspect of the kitchen I was looking forward to. The hotel is host to two or three function during the average week, be it for private breakfast, corporate lunch, a ball or a wedding. Working for function of three hundred plus people has helped me greatly with my organisation withing the kitchen. Each and every function is different but, the work plan for them remain the same, this ensures the smooth running of the function.

My social life up here has certainly grown. The more time I spend working in the hotel the more friendships I made. I’ve gotten very close to a number of people up here, people I would call good friends. On my days off there’s always somebody to hang around with and maybe go for a bite to eat or even a few drinks.

There’s so many restaurants to choose from up here in Belfast. Each time I got out to eat I try to choose a new restaurant. I’ve been to some of the better known restaurants here in Belfast but I’m always on the hunt for a restaurant that’s a little less well known around the area.

That’s all I’ve got time for now. My final blog post on my time in the Culloden Estate & Spa will be posted around the time of my placement ending, which I’m already counting down the days to. Don’t get me wrong I’m really enjoying my traineeship, I’m just looking forward to getting back home to see all of my friends and family for a bit.

Áine B.

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