Sunday, 8 September 2019

Reflecting on the past few months

So I left the Culloden Estate & Spa about eight weeks earlier than I had originally planned. As I left my placement early, due to personal reasons back home, I decided to take some time out before writing this blog post.

I’ve been home now for about three weeks, during this time I’ve been able to reflect on my time in the hotel. One thing I’ve noticed about my time away is that I’ve grown on an individual level. The time away allowed me to become a much more mature person. I’ve learned to be happier when on my own but also to reach out when I want company.

Another thing I have spent my time reflecting on is the friendships I’ve made while working in the Culloden. These are friendships that I’ve brought home with me, people with whom I am in regular contact, some on a daily basis. Being away from my family and friends was very tough at times, sometimes all I wanted was to be back home with them. Making friendships with people, who turned out to be like another family to me, really helped me when I was missing home.
As a chef I have grown tremendously. I’ve learned many great things while working in the hotel, from some excellent chefs. The tricks, recipes, and skills ice learned while working in the Culloden will stand by me throughout my culinary career.

Finally, I want to say that he past year has been has been one of the toughest, yet most enjoyable experiences for me so far. To anybody going on placement, Erasmus or even taking a year out to work and travel, all I say is make the most of it! Take each and every opportunity that comes your way, and don’t be afraid to try new things. These are things which you may not get the opportunity to do again so make the most of your time away!

Áine B. over and out!

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