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Top places to visit while in Barcelona

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Today I will be recommending the top places to visit in Barcelona. 

Barcelona has so many lovely Modernist buildings, Gothic alleyways, and Mediterranean beaches . Barcelona is aesthetically pleasing and is a beautiful city to spend your entire time just roaming around and admiring the scenery. It is the best city for someone who is an enthusiast when it comes to art and history.

1. Arc de Triomf

The Arc de Triomf is Barcelona's parallel of Paris's famous triumphal arch, designed by Modernist architect Josep Vilaseca I Casanovas.  This arc was built for a totally different purpose: it served as the primary entrance gate for the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition. It is a major thoroughfare in the city and hosts a variety of cultural events, such as markets and parades.

2. National Art museum of Catalunya 

Sculptures, paintings, historical relics, and more are on display in Catalunya's national art museum, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Catalan history. The most famous of the permanent displays comprises Romanesque murals that were carefully transferred and restored here in the 1920s from church apses across Catalunya. The museum also houses one of the finest collections of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque art in the region, as well as a substantial part dedicated to modern art, which includes the Picasso Collection.

Magic fountains

Located in placa de Espanya, The montjuic fountains are locted below the stariway that leads to the national art museum of Catalunya. This fountain puts on a fun and beautiful water display, with diffrent patterns and colours.

3. Casa Batllo

The Casa Batlló is a former townhouse designed by legendary Spanish architect Gaudi for the Batlló family in the 19th century. This building is located in Gracia, on a street that is surrounded by designer shops and restaurants.

4.Moco Museum and more 

Located in El born, The Moco museum is located amongst other museums. The moco museum is a contemporary art museum, filled with art pieces including pieces by Banksy. The street is filled with art and history. Walking along the street, you will hear the relaxing sound, of street preformers playing music.

5.Sagrada Famlia 

The Basilica de la Sagrada Famlia, located in the northern section of the city, was designed by Antoni Gaud, the most prominent Catalan architect of contemporary times, in 1883 as a neo-Gothic church. Instead of following the blueprints, he developed a signature piece of surrealism Art Nouveau architecture. He didn't have any definite plans in mind, preferring to change and add to them as the project developed.

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