Monday, 10 January 2022

Down Time in Belfast

 Hello again from the Culloden. Work has been very busy over the past few weeks, with the executive head chef being let go from the hotel. On top of this the head functions chef has been away on holidays leaving me running most of the functions that are going on in the hotel. With this new workload and some miss communication between different areas of the hotel the day to day work life can get stressful so I thought I would come on and talk about how I spend my down time which is very important.

With Belfast city only a ten minute drive away from the hotel it offers a lot of ways to spend my down time most of which is often in a pub. The night life is ecstatic even though nightclubs are only beginning to open back up. The city council also put on a free concert with big dj's such as Alan Fitzpatrick as a thank you to everyone who got the COVID vaccine and for being so cooperative during the pandemic. It feels really good to have some normality in life again, being able to go out and have some fun after being locked in for so long.

Of course there are many more things that the city has to offer other than drinking and partying. There are many different shops and shopping centres in the city for you to go look around and spend some of the hard earned money you've been working for. There are also many sites to see such as the Titanic museum and various different murals on the walls as well as the peace wall located in the West. 

I was lucky to be able to travel home every now and then which allowed me to just fully relax and not worry about work. The problem with living at the hotel is that just by walking through the kitchen you can be dragged into conversations, or helping to look for different items. In one case I ended up going through paperwork and events for the coming week so that's why it's important to get out even for a walk around the city to get away from the work.

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