Thursday, 28 February 2019

Starting at Slieve Donard

Hello Again, Sinead here and this time I am checking in after my first month of work placement in Slieve Donard Hotel, Co. Down. The Slieve Donard hotel is located at the foot of the Mourne Mountains along the picturesque coastline in County Down. Its located within a short walk to the small town of Newcastle. 

After arriving and settling into my new surroundings I started work. I will admit I was a bit nervous about beginning work but my classmates, Rob, Saoirse and Aine who worked here before me reassured me about how welcoming the team are. They couldn’t have been more accurate, everyone in the kitchen and beyond were very welcoming and I instantly settled into the kitchen team.

Since beginning work on the 4th of February, it’s crazy thinking for fast this month has already flown by. Even in a little month so much has happened in the Slieve Donard Kitchen. We moved into a brand new kitchen with all sparkling new equipment, this has been a really exciting time for all the chefs and the staff as a whole. The big change in the kitchen was the move from gas to induction, it interesting seeing and learning a new method of cooking.

In the kitchen I have been able to experience many different sections already from starters and pastry to garnish and the pass. The kitchen are not fearful to give you responsibility which I think is a really important part of this placement.

Wedding Showcase Setup
Across is a picture taken from a wedding show held at the hotel. Plates of display of an example of meals offered for weddings along with a spectacular “cheesecake”. I enjoy all the planning that goes into events like these to show everything a venue like this has to offer for special occasions and parties.

Outside of work I have been travelling around some of Co. Down visiting very picturesque places and beaches. It’s nice to be able to stand back and see the beauty that’s in Ireland on our own doorstep. travelling around is made easy as I drive, but there is a good bus service in the down providing buses to Belfast daily.

It has been a fast and exceptionally busy February here at Slieve Donard. I am looking forward to learning more in the coming months. I will check back in soon to talk more about my experience in Slieve Donard. 


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