Sunday, 10 February 2019

Venlo – Just the beginning!

Why I chose Fontys 
I’ve finally made it here to Fontys International Business School, Venlo, studying International Fresh Business Management. My main reason for choosing this specific course is to broaden my horizons. I want to keep my options open when it comes to working in the industry. I feel like veering off from the usual practical based course is the best way to explore the business side of the industry and allowing myself to learn as much as I can. I believe this course will help me develop a deeper insight into the industry from different aspects and will ultimately help me in choosing which exact path I may follow in the future.

Life in Venlo so far
Living in Venlo has been a great experience so far. I’ve made so many friends already and I am constantly meeting new people. Living in student accommodation (only 10 min walk to the college and above a supermarket!) with other students from all over the world has allowed me to learn about other cultures and meet some amazing people. Everyone here is extremely kind and friendly!
We’ve developed a large group of friends already and have gone on our first trip out of Venlo together to Rotterdam. Travelling around the Netherlands is pretty cheap and quick, group tickets can be purchased which gives you a substantial discount on transport and entry fees to certain places. In Rotterdam we visited some markets, well-known sites and took in some amazing scenery. The scenery and buildings not just in Rotterdam but in Venlo is beautiful and I can’t wait to explore more!

College life

Classes started on the 4th of February so for our first week we’ve just been attending introductory classes with briefs on what we’ll be studying this semester, group project set ups, exam info, etc. As we are attending a business school classes are quite different to what we would be used to but I’m excited for the semester ahead! Our classmates are friendly and very helpful when it comes to understanding how classes are run and how to get around the college. 

I’m very excited for what this semester will bring and look forward to updating you all!


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