Monday, 4 March 2019

End to my Slieve Donard Journey

‘All good things must come to an end’

It has come to an end of my journey at the Slieve Donard. It has been an incredible six months at this fine establishment. Since my last blog post I manage to accomplish working through the crazy Christmas Season at the Slieve.

The Christmas season in the slieve starts off with the polar express. This is a Christmas Wonderland that takes place for ten days in the hotel. Its great event for kids and families. As part of this big event they have the option of sitting down for an early bird menu before they enter the polar express exhibition. This means its even more pressure in the evening because you have groups in for lunch, families in for early bird and another 100 booked for a la carte so the pressure is really on. I really did enjoy the challenge of because even though we were under a lot of pressure in the kitchen we did managed to keep everyone laughing everyday especially when Robert would sing at the stop of his voice in the kitchen that would get everyone going (stick to the chefing Rob ). When I did hear I’d be working through  Christmas, not going to lie was tough to hear because I am such family orientated person and love nothing more then the company of my family especially during the festive season. When it did come to Christmas Day it just felt like any other day of work we just had to keep our heads down and get on with it. We had three buffets all in different rooms in the hotel. We served about close to 500 people Christmas day which was extradioanry to see that many people in the hotel sitting down to have their Christmas dinner. I think what really made the Christmas day for me in the slieve  was sitting down after the long day of hard work Christmas day to be served a delicious meal of steak and chips. We had glass bottles of coke and bottles of beer on ice. We were on cloud 9 just sitting down kicking back enjoying sitting down and eating an delicious meal with the team.

After Christmas Day, Saoirse and Rob had finished up it was actually heart-breaking seeing the two of them go because they were such a positive influence on me working in the kitchen. It wasn’t the same without them and the pressure was on because we were two chefs down but I didn’t let that get to me as there was no was straight back into the work because it was another busy day Stephens day and New Years but we succeded as a team and got threw it all.
This moment on I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone in the Slieve Donard for welcoming me with open arms. They looked after their staff extremely well, they always seem to cheer you up the no matter what the situation is  and must of all they never stopped believing in their staffs capabilities. I would highly recommend the Slieve Donard to any future trainee chef that is considering coming to join the team.

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