Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Another Day in the Culloden

Greetings from the Culloden once again. I am now nearly four months into working in Belfast. The improvements I have made since starting here are becoming very visible. I began working pastry and starters only. But now i can run the veg section whenever necessary and can cook some simple meats. The chefs here let me observe when they are cooking and plating mains and give me helpful tips.
I recently got a new roommate. She is on work experience like me and is from Barcelona. At first i as nervous and anxious. I never had a room mate so this was new to me. But she turned out to be very nice and easy to get along with, to my relief. She works in the restaurant as a waitress so our hours do not correspond. Most of the time we do not even see each other unless in work because our hours are so different.
The menus have changed one week ago. They have decided to change the lounge, spa and room service menu to salads, new sandwiches and took away seafood platters and most hot dishes. The change is hard. There is more pressure on the sections I work now but i think it is a great challenge for me. And it is great to do something different from what i already know. On the plus side the spa and lunge menu are now the same which means there is less to have to consider when doing prep work for the section.

The chefs give me alot of freedom to practice my cooking and baking in my spare time. A few weeks ago, the chefs let me use the facilities in the kitchen and the chocolate to make home made chocolates

.Thee was one particular moment in work this month where i truly felt great about this profession. A man and his family came into the restaurant. His family asked for a birthday slate for him and so i did the one seen to the right of the page. Once the meal was sent and the slate was given one of the waitresses cam and told me what the family had said about the meal. Apparently this man was diagnosed with terminal cancer. the meal and slate made him the happiest he has been in weeks since being diagnosed. This made me feel great that i could cook for someone and make them smile through such a hard time in their lives.
 It was great to be able to practice something different from what i do everyday in the kitchen.
I cannot believe it is October already. Only two months to go and I will enjoy ever day as it comes.

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