Saturday, 3 November 2018

The 417, Toronto

I’m checking back in from Humber College in Toronto after a very busy October.  Time is flying by here so fast, its hard to believe I am already more than half way through the semester and my time here.  Its mid fall and this image to the right shows some beautiful fall colours on the maple trees from Algonquin Park, north of Toronto. 


I am really enjoying college learning here. One highlight of my college week is our A la Carte class, where we cook for the college restaurant known as the Humber Room. We rotate sections every 2 to 3 weeks in order to get experience in all areas of the kitchen. Our lecturers, Chef Tom and Chef Trevor, allow us to learn in many different ways. Each week we walk into class we are certain to learn new skills from the Chefs. To the left is a image of a special made in class, Herb Crusted Hake.

All things food

Moving abroad for a semester of college takes courage, especially when moving so far from the green fields of home. I for one knew that when taking the plunge to move to Canada it was about much more than just the college learning experience. Toronto is without doubt an international city which results in a really diverse food scene. When walking the from places such as St.Lawrence Market to Kensington Market, the diverse array of food on offer to the locals can be seen. This thankfully leads to many delicious lunch and dinner dining choices when exploring downtown Toronto at the weekends. Attached is an image of Gnocchi al Forno at Noce Restaurant.

In October, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada, and for some celebrations I found myself in Algonquin Park camping for 2 nights. This camping trip consisted of camping, canoeing and surviving the cold Canadian temperatures. Seeing the beauty of the fall colours in the maple trees was worth the multiple layers of clothing needed. Fun and crazy fact, Algonquin Park (7,653 km²) is bigger than the county of Cork (7,500 km²).

When deciding what events to catch at the weekends there are two websites which are at the top of my list to check out, these are and One event that some friends and I attended was a night at the museum, a four hour event in the Royal Ontario Museum, where one could wander through the exhibits with a glass of wine in hand. From the museum to wandering through Allan Gardens Convervatory, Toronto really does so many different experiences to offer both me and the other  2.7 million people living here. 

In the week just gone, my three best friends from home decided to surprise me and visited me for a week. I had to convert from being the tourist to being the tour guide and show them the best of Toronto. After having them around for the past week I have realised that time is flying, but I plan on making the most of the little time that is left here. 
I look forward to catching up back here again in December before I depart. Sinead 
* Fun Fact: My last blog was named the 416, after Toronto. This is named the 417, my room number in our College residence.

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