Saturday, 3 November 2018

Month 2 in the '6ix'

Hello again, Shannon here reporting on another month in Toronto, the time is going by so fast right now. This month was very action packed starting off by a trip to Algonquin National Park for a camping trip Thanksgiving weekend, followed by dinner in downtown Toronto, a concert, a trip to the ROM, the Allen gardens and also Halloween.

Algonquin & Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend is one I will never forget, from the picturesque views, toasting marshmallows on an open fire to being wrapped up in so many layers to warm up! The trip started off with a 4 hour bus journey that most of us fell asleep on, our first stop along this trip was to collect our life-jackets and paddles. 

The one thing that stood out for me on this trip was how beautiful Fall is in this country. I never knew how many different and vibrant colors trees can turn. Over the weekend, we canoed to our hiking trail that brought us to the most amazing view of the park, sitting on the rocks, eating our                                                            lunch taking in the most breathtaking view.  

The one thing we could not wait for was to get back and go for our Thanksgiving dinner. We managed to find a restaurant that was open. It was an Italian restaurant called Scaddabush, the food was amazing. It was the cherry on top of an unforgettable weekend.

The Coronas
Another great thing about this month was one of my favorite bands was playing in the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto. We booked our tickets and I could not wait! This was an unforgettable night, not only was the concert unbelievable, we managed to get front row, right next to the stage. We thought the night couldn't get any better, until, one of the sound guys for the band took our Irish flags backstage to get signed by the band. Not only did we get our signed Irish flags, we turned the corner to leave the venue when we got to meet the band! This was definitely a night I will never forget. 

ROM & Allen Gardens
Toronto is not just about amazing places to eat or great nights at a concert, there are also other ways to spend your time. On a Friday night you can enjoy strolling through the Royal Ontario Museum with a drink in hand, admiring all the historical exhibits. From the dinosaur bones to the hieroglyphics to the photography exhibition, there is something for everyone to see. Of course you can go to the museum on a regular day, the event on Fridays lets you get a little dressed up with a group of friends and experience something new. 
The next place I would definitely recommend to see is the Allan Gardens. It is the perfect place for a nice romantic stroll or just a place for some peace and quiet to sit and read a book or to think, also a place to see some unusual plants and flowers that are perfect for photography! Besides all the beautiful and unique plants, you will also see some little squirrels and chipmunks running around. 


As it is half way through my time here, I have definitely settled into my classes more and have become more comfortable around my new classmates. Our lecturers are making it very easy for us to show off our skills and even asking us to cook some Irish foods for the restaurant. Next week in class we are making a dish that involves some Soda bread. They are definitely making us feel welcome. My favorite class would be Á la Carte for the Humber Room as it shows the pressure of service and also our lecturer comes up with amazing specials of the day alongside the Head chefs for that class. The one dish that has stood out for me so far is the: Hake with a Sunflower seed and herb crust, wilted spinach, portobello mushroom, mussels, sauteed green beans, pasta and an arugula sauce.  

This city keeps surprising me with how beautiful it is and that how there are always hidden treasures no matter where you go. If the rest of my time here will be anything like the past two months, it will be one of the best experiences I've had so far. I cant wait to check back in again with more updates on this wonderful city! 

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