Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Noma - Part 2
It seems pretty crazy how I am now past half way through this amazing internship, this past month or so has been physically draining but mentally sharpening. This past month has seen us switch from the Summer menu to the Game and Forest menu in what feels like no time at all. 
As I write this we have just finished the first and second hardest weeks of every new season. Now is when we start to develop a routine, which allows better proficiency across the board meaning we can start later and finish earlier. To be honest, passion for this job and lifestyle only grows stronger each day I go to work with the best people to ever do it such as Kenneth Foong, Pablo Soto, fellow Irish man Eoghan Coady, Rebecca Raben, Mirek Anderson and so many more. The drive these people possess is so infectious and makes you want to work non stop to learn as much as possible. Recently I’ve been lucky enough to have been given more responsibility on the section I’m on by making broths, caramels, fudges, garnishes, and also by teaching other interns on how we work at Noma. The section I am on is a mix of both hot and cold dishes, with Yellow Beet Sashimi, Pickled, Smoked and Powdered Quail Egg and Kelp, Mushroom and Truffle Broth with Sumac and lastly Bear Aebleskiver. The amount of work that goes into each dish is astounding and shows why there is such a need for the amount of chefs present at Noma. As an example, the Yellow Beet dish consists of plums, vegetable fudge, bee pollen, ant paste, berry praline, yellow beets, rose oil, yellow beet and Lacto rice water sauce, morita chilli oil, and whiskey vinegar. While in the service kitchen I also have the chance to help on pastry and Section 2 plating the SCOBY dessert consisting of Buttermilk ice cream, Cuban oregano, green tea SCOBY, and blackcurrant wood oil. Also the tongue / penis salad and the saffron and Mexican chocolate dessert.

 In other amazing news, since the beginning of the internship, Noma has won 3 Michelin Stars to match Geranium as the only 3 starred restaurants in Copenhagen, and also won the 50 Best, best restaurant in the world. To experience both of these firsthand was just such a blessing seeing how much it means to everyone who has worked so hard for so many years to regain the number 1 spot once again! There was tears, hugs, screaming, clapping, champagne, burgers, cookies, cake and so much more in the days that followed even now guests congratulate us profusely. Since the announcements there has been a whole mood change that has just re-energised the whole place, it is truly electric! Social Life With the weather really starting to get cold here now in Copenhagen the night life and social life has taken a real shift from what it was in the Summer. As an example on Sunday mornings, there is far more people meeting up inside cafes or sitting outside with a blanket and a coffee, and in the evenings there is more gathering inside restaurants rather than at outside food markets. The actual food scene here has also changed seamlessly into the Fall season with lots more wholesome broths, breads, and drinks. Every venture outside the house is another learning opportunity! As a group we have actually started eating out at really beautiful places such as Barabba and Lille, a bakery situated near the restaurant, Alchemist. The level of food here is simply breath taking, there’s a sandwich myself and my American friend John absolutely adore, it is literally just a bun, cheese and butter but mother of God does it hit the spot. And in a city where everything is very pricy a sandwich costing 25 Krone is never a bad idea! Figure 1The Family Here is a picture of some of the people I’m very lucky to call good friends, they come from all over the world, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, America, The Philippines , The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Germany, Italy and far more. Getting to know these people has been such a highlight of my time here inside and outside the kitchen it’s nothing but great craic. Bring on the next 2 months!

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