Wednesday, 17 November 2021

mid-way through Belfast

Hi Leeann, here from the Culloden estate and spa Belfast. This is my second blog which means I’m half way through my work placement. Our new head chef Liam has made a lot changes to the kitchen as well as the menu. The kitchen runs more smoothly and functions better for all the staff. We changed the recipe for Hastings wheaten scones to make the mixture softer in texture which lasts up to two days. The chowder is cooked to order which gives better flavour with fresh fish and we have got a lot of good complements from customers since we changed it. The hotel has an herb and vegetable garden which chefs and myself pick fresh herbs and vegetables everyday for our dishes. We use vegetables that are in season and try to have less wastage of food. the new menu is starting the end of November. We have been trying out the new dishes in the Cultra inn. The general manager and the new head chef mark from the Culloden have been tasting them. ">
A lot of famous people come to the Culloden and Cultra Inn. We had the Chelsea football team, Northern Ireland team, Ed Sheeran, Dermot Kennedy, the royal family and the local superstar Van Morrison always in everyday for his usual. Everyday there is always someone famous coming through the doors. Northern Ireland team came down to Cultra inn for their cheat day. It’s the second time they’ve been in they must like our food. The staff in Belfast have been so welcoming and sometimes after work we go into Belfast for a few drinks and to check out the nightlife. Some of the best places are benedict’s, the dirty onion, thirsty goat. The last three weeks the nightclubs have opened so the kremlin and boombox are most popular nightclubs. Recently my boyfriend and my family come up to Belfast and stayed in the Culloden for a night. We visited the titanic as we never been. It was great experience to see all the history about the titanic. We went to do a bit of shopping in Victoria square and Castle court shopping centre. We went for food and drinks in Cultra Inn as my family wanted to see where I have been cooking the last two and half months. The room was of such a high standard in the Culloden and the staff were so friendly and helpful to my family. The breakfast was fantastic, the section was great, and the head chef gave me a free breakfast as well to enjoy with my family before they went home. So that’s what been happening in Culloden estate and spa so far. I have a month left in the Culloden estate and spa and busy one at that. ITS CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!! Until next blog Leeann ">

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