Saturday, 27 November 2021

Getting started in Barcelona Hi Ryan here with my second blog post, this is just a short reflextion on the begining of my Barcelona adventure, hope you enjoy! On September 6th, after a few months of hard effort during the summer, I finally began on my next journey. Of course, moving from Arklow to Waterford was nerve-wracking because it was the furthest I had ever been from home, and it took an hour and a half. I was now being thrown into the deep end, relocating to a completely foreign nation where I had no real understanding of the language or the locations; I would begin my journey to the airport early in the morning, say a brief emotional goodbye for the time being, and board my flight to Barcelona. My first idea about Barcelona was how I would endure in this heat for six months, but it was only a temporary concern since after a few weeks there, you grow used to it. Obviously, not understanding the geography of Barcelona threw me off a little when we arrived at our destination. Because I didn't fully comprehend the arrangement, employing the trains would be futile until I gained a fundamental knowledge. The first time I went to the flat, I had to take a taxi, which cost me 70 euros. Learning the train timetable became a must because I couldn't afford to spend 70 euros every time I needed a transport home from the city centre. Badia del Valles, a medium-sized town located north of Barcelona, just over a range of mountains, is where we settled. I had my doubts about the area's safety at first, but I was simply being prejudiced. I started to feel at ease after a few days. The area's atmosphere was quite laid-back, and everyone stayed to themselves, but they weren't unpleasant about it; they were simply ordinary folks living an ordinary life. It is absolutely no easy task moving from Ireland to the outer parts of Barcelona, but it is important to keep in mind everywhere has its good and bad you cannot really ever know what to expect. Taking a risk is part of growing as a person and that was one of the main positives I took from the situation.

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