Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Life In Coleraine


Hi there, its April here, I am currently studding at Ulster University Coleraine. The course I am doing is called food studies and innovation and I am loving it so far. The Coleraine campus is situated on the north coast and is close to Portrush and Portstewart which are well known seaside towns. The Coleraine campus is also adjacent to the banks of the river Bann with eye dropping views of the causeway coast and the hills of county Donegal which is located to the west.

 The campus has two appetizing restaurants where we can go for lunch or dinner, there is also a Starbucks, which is important for your morning coffee, and a Spar for your snacks. Surprisingly there is also a hair salon on campus for both men and women which I haven’t tried yet but will let you know. The college grounds also have a waterfall which is very peaceful and beautiful, and I walk to it nearly every day. The Coleraine campus also has the facilities of a frisbee course, which is a new activity that I am trying out now, and it is very enjoyable with friends, I am not great at this sport, but I keep going back because it is very fun.

The one thing that stood out to me on induction week was that we got to meet up with lectures and other students for breakfast, lunch, we even got to go on a coast trip to Portrush and Portstewart where we got to go surfing and paddle boarding. I had an amazing time and I got to meet loads of other students.

I have decided not to stay on campus but instead I am living across from the college grounds in the complex of the North Coast Accommodation, which is situated in Cromore court, Cromore road, Coleraine. The flat I am living in has four double bedrooms, a reasonable size open planned living and kitchen. A property like this

would be amazing if you were to travel with friends to college. Where I am living is only a 5-minute walk to the main building on campus, and it is only footstep away till you hit the grounds of the campus. The train station is directly behind the flat which is a big bonus.

I want to finish up by talking about one of my modules, as a group we were asked to create and produce a plant-based product for children using waste from apples or the juices of chickpeas. Our ideas right now are to make an apple flavoured yoghurt pop or make an apple flavoured marshmallow. It is all very exciting, and I will keep you updated in my next blog.

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