Wednesday, 20 October 2021

First month in Coleraine


Hi guys, I am Faith, and I am one of the seven W.I.T students studying in Coleraine at the university of ulster. Up here we are a part of the consumer management and food innovation degree. We are taking three modules: product development, applied sensory science and quality control and food studies and nutrition.  

Product development: this class is all about developing a product for the market. We have to work in groups to create plant-based children's products using food waste from companies e.g., apple pulp from a cider company, aquafaba, oat bran or leek trimmings. At the end of the semester, we have to pitch our product to manufacturers to see if they like the product and want to further develop it. 

Applied sensory science and quality control: this module looks at the senses and what role they play in consumers liking a product or not. Like in product development we are working in teams to trial our given company against their competitors to see how they are doing on the market. My group is working with Finnebrogues meatless sausages, and we have to find out how popular they are against other vegetable-based sausages. 

Food studies and nutrition: this module is an introduction to nutrition and how to predict trends. We look at food trends that are happening and why they are popular, but the class is mainly focused on basic nutrition e.g., macro and micronutrients. 

The campus itself is quite large but all of our classes are in the same room so once you know your way to the room you are fine. The university offers loads of different clubs/societies for you to join, and they have a lot of facilities to offer. I live in the student accommodation in Cranagh village, there are five people per apartment, and I share the flat with two girls from W.I.T and the two others who are also on Erasmus. The rooms are all ensuite and have a lot of storage areas to put your items in, it is handy because we are on the ground floor, we did not need to carry all our stuff upstairs. 

Coleraine itself is quiet, which suits me and both Portrush and Portstewart are not far away by train, so it is easy to pop out there. They have a lot of walking trails around the place, on campus they have a woodland trail which is nice to do after class. If you want to go shopping it is best to get the train over to Derry and have a wander. 

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