Saturday, 23 October 2021

Hola amigos! Evan in Barcelona here! I'm going to give you a few tips on what you can do in the city of Barcelona. Barcelona is a city full of history, from Architecture and art to Catalan cuisine, meaning if your interested in discovering the roots of Catalan history, your in luck! Many museums are scattered across the city like the famous Picasso Museum, Catalonia's National Art Museum, Gaudi House Museum and many more.
These Museums are surrounded by hundreds of bars, restaurant's and shops, meaning that if you visit one you can spend the rest of your day in that area and never get bored. Also you can get a metro which will bring you to any of these major attractions, making it easy to access. All these museums are places which can be visited by anyone as they are truly amazing, they are not just for people who usually enjoy museums. One sight which is certainly worth seeing is the Architectural masterpiece, "La Sagrada Familia", known as one of the most beautiful buildings on earth.
If your looking for somewhere to socialise and have a good nightlife, Barcelona is the perfect spot for you! On the beach alone there is an array of nightclubs which can be a lot of fun, and are also very different to the nightclubs we are used to at home, ranging from beach clubs to Japanese nightclubs. Opening at 12am and not closing until 6am, your sure to get you moneys worth for that night.
Overall Barcelona so far has proven to be a city of endless activities and excitement. So far I would really recommend Barcelona to anyone looking to go abroad and especially to future 3rd year students of WIT. Tune into the net blog to hear about Bars and Restaurant's in Barcelona. Adios!!!

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