Friday, 12 January 2018

What to Know; Home and away

Many of us moved from family homes to residential housings in college while some traveled from home to college. These are two groups of student with different experiences of college life though they might be studying on the same college and course. Those who moved from family homes to college may have a better understanding on how the whole procedure of moving from home to college works. If you have been travelling to college from home, when your international year starts you might want to research everything about your partner college you're thinking of going too to avoid big surprises. I personal think doing your placement in the same country and town of where you will be doing your academic placement is more convenient. It will half the work load for you in terms of finding accommodation twice and familiarizing yourself with place and people. If you opt for different countries or cities with placements, try and find out more about the college you want to study in along with their terms and conditions of everything they apply too. They say the early bird catches the big worm. In order to get the best of everything it best to inquire about everything earlier. When i inquired about the college accommodation I did it way earlier and filled the online application and forgot to check if it was complete and submitted. I spend two months relaxed thinking I had filled the online application form for accommodation but it was not submitted. At the end I had to settle for any available accommodation near enough to what I was looking for and that is not something I wish upon anyone. Worrying about accommodation may be the last priority but it should be the first and don't forget to double check everything. Just as we took time to choose WIT and research about all the aspects of our course, the inside and outside of the WIT. The same efforts should be made in choosing the partner college.

Sindile Vundla

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