Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Days off in Edinbugh

So with coming on placement I get two days off a week and can request days off if necessary. Living in Edinburgh has its perks as on those days off you are spoiled for things to do .
For the active people just outside the city centre is Arthur's seat. Its a pretty steep climb, but for those looking for a less active walk there is a shorter climb at the base of the hills through the meadows.  Edinburgh doesn't get much rain and most days are sunny so morning walks are very popular although it does get very cold over here in Winter but not any different from the Irish Winter.
Arthurs Seat Edinburgh
Just outside the city in a small industrial estate is Artisan roast a small Edinburgh coffee roasting company which I went to on one of my days off. It was very interesting to see the roasting process in which coffee went through to give it its lovely flavours and aromas.
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Coffee Roaster in Artisan Roast Edinburgh
As well as seeing the coffee roasting process we also had a Barista class which I found to be very interesting. We not only made coffee but also learned about all the flavour and Aromas that go into making a great coffee, balancing all the key flavours and Aromas is down to the barista from their coffee grind settings to the weight of the coffee they put into a shot and of course the quality of the coffee roast they are using.
Coffee Taste and Aroma Wheel
Pouring the coffees was Alien to me and was more difficult to do than I had thought. My first coffee was pretty crap but as the class proceeded I started to get a little bit better but, I wouldn't say I will be competing in any Barista competitions any time soon!Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, coffee, drink, coffee cup and indoor
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, coffee, drink, coffee cup and indoor
Barista Training

Edinburgh does not lack in things to do. Whiskey tasting and Gin tasting are also great in the city even though Scottish whiskeys and gins have nothing on the Irish versions. These tours are better if you have the day off after too as you can definitely make a day and night out of it and not worry about the sore head the next morning. 
Whiskey Tasting
These are just a few things I did in Edinburgh as well as plenty of shopping, socialising in the many great pubs and bars and eating out in the excellent and diverse selection of eatery's. I can safely say I was never bored or left idol on my time in this vibrant city. I would recommend anyone to do there placement here!!!!!!

Sarah Kehoe

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