Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Christmas and New Years in Belfast

So the title is pretty self explanatory but basically I spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Stephens Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day in Belfast. I wasn't overly thrilled about this but eventually I got over it and realised it's part of the job. I had a very hectic few days over this period but I'll start with the lead up to Christmas. On my rare day off I did a bit of retail therapy and some searching through the Christmas markets. Foodies were in there element as at least every second stall was food related. Between unusual cakes and meringues, Bailey's hot chocolates to cuisines from all around the world. Even on my splits I loved to just run in for a look. That part of being up in the north for Christmas wasn't so bad. We had a special Christmas menu for the lead up to Christmas which was 45 pound a head for adults for 3 courses and 30 pound a head for children. We also had Santa Sunday which was a buffet held every Sunday at the same price, the only difference was children got a small present from Santa. I really enjoyed working on that menu on the lead up to Christmas. It was much more beneficial learning as opposed to Christmas as we had a buffet for 3 hours on Christmas day that people paid 100 pound a head for! I was on starters and desserts. I was trusted to come up with my own plating style, I just had to make sure once I came up with it every plate went out the same. I really enjoyed having the responsibility. Then I was informed I was the only member of permanent staff (at least til February) who'd be working Christmas day. Not to mention not even double pay! There was nothing I could do about it so had to suck it up and at least think of the learning experience. Christmas eve was very busy over 300 covers. Wasn't overly difficult though as it fell on a Sunday so we did our usual Santa Sunday. Just had to keep replenishing all the food as it was being demolished!. Christmas day should've been an easy day......but Murphy's law came into play for me, 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong'. So I start preping for Stephens Day as we had at least 170 booked for lunch and it was an A La Carte menu. The chef started shouting at me as he was getting very stressed so I start to chop faster and ended up cutting my finger quite badly. ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!! I ended up a few hours later in A&E and got stitches in my finger, which I have to get removed in 2 weeks from now. I certainly won't forget that Christmas. Stephens day was mental, but we got by, even with my gammy finger! Then New Years eve was a buffet so all was ok and New Years Day was dead. Probably because they all had sore heads and didn't stir from the house. So a very eventful Christmas in Belfast but delighted to have had the experience. By Beth Murphy

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