Monday, 27 November 2017

The Stuggles.

As you all might know, moving to a different country is not easy. Especially if you have no connections with anyone at all. Well, this was my situation a few months ago and let me tell you, it was tough. Looking for a place to stay was the most challenging part.

London is a big city!

Tube on a rush hour!
Before d-day, I have searched a lot of rental sites online for a place to stay. I have sent countless emails asking landlords for 6 month contracts as yearly contracts were more in the market. The expense is in a whole new level. Although I was expecting a very high rent but it is way more expensive that what I initially thought it would be. I had choices of choosing for places in Zones 2-6 which is further from work and city, which also was a cheaper option. But travelling more than one hour to and from work is a big no-no for me. Especially on busy times which can get really crowded, where you'll end up being sweaty even if it is freezing cold outside. Although London's transport systems are A+'s. It is amazing.

Anyways choosing this option meant expensive rent and expensive everything.
Days passed and I only received a handful replies compared to the number of emails I sent. Most of them were open to signing a 6 month contract which I was thrilled about. However, these findings pulled through as they were asking me to sign the contract straight away through email. I was not to keen about this idea as I would have liked to see the place first.

As the day came nearer, I was left with no choice but to fly over without a permanent place to stay. Thankfully Sharon started her internship earlier than me and has already found a place to live. I stayed at her place for a few days. During those days I have viewed a couple of apartments nearby which I have contacted beforehand. A lot of those places also fell through as they've already been rented by people earlier than me.
Finally, after 3 days of being in the city I finally signed a contract in a place. Although I was not too happy about it for the price I was paying.I was on the fifth floor with no lift. Yes! that meant going up and down the stairs at least 2 times a day. But I had no choice because that was their last room available and my cutting off point of what I can afford. I mean, going up to thousands per month was not in my option.

View from my room.

Few months later, three of us in the same class are renting a newly refurbished apartment together. It is in a great location as we only travel twenty minutes in the bus to work. And let me add, the view from here is amazing. Although aside from that, we are dealing with a lot of problems with this one like the continuous drilling everyday, children running around upstairs late at night, and our landlord which is a completely different story.

If I get a chance to do this again, I would've chosen to live further away for cheaper rent prices (I mean more than half of what we're paying right now!). It seems like travelling more than one hour to and from work is considered a norm here. Mostly everyone from work lives far from here which I am very impressed about. I don't know if I can stay in a bus that long two times a day. Maybe next time I'll give it a try.

All I can say is that this is a new and challenging great experience for me, which I am having fun with and will never forget!

BACA student,

Marcia Lechoco.

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