Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Making the most of your days off!

Working in a busy kitchen means early starts, late finishes and long weeks. So when it comes to having days off you try and make the most of it and go explore the country you are staying in. However, day one is normally spent sleeping in, getting up late and having a chill day with Netflix and you then promise yourself tomorrow you will do something exciting. But overall, there's only so much exploring of the one city you can do on your days off. So I decided to travel a little further and headed to Glasgow. Living in a big city means transport is super easy and really cheap. Glasgow is only 40 minutes on a train and costs £20 for a return ticket from Edinburgh. Travelling to another city is exciting and when you have visitors from home over makes it even better. Although Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and there is plenty to see its nice to go elsewhere and travel around. Glasgow is great for shopping and I will definitely be heading back up before Christmas.  Other than the shopping and the pretty streets Glasgow does not have that much else to offer, it's not a great tourist place and there isn't that much to see, unless your a big shopper then definitely go and visit!
I spent two days in Glasgow whereas one full day would have been enough (including shopping time of course).

 With Christmas time closing in I know all cities will have lots more fun things to offer as the Christmas markets open and all the winter activities come into play. From November 19th Edinburgh's ChristmaMarketsts are fully open and the city is already looking like a winter wonderland with all the pretty lights and so many activities to keep one entertained. Living in Edinburgh there is always so much to do, whether it's taking a walk through the meadows or walking up to the castle and seeing the views of the city or going out with friends for a nice meal and a few drinks. Edinburgh really is a great city and I will miss it when I move home. To any students that are unsure of where to go for their placement I would highly recommend traveling to Edinburgh for work placement. Its close to home so its cheap for friends and family to come and visit you. There is so much to do and it is a big college city so there are plenty students around to make you feel just at home. there are lots of sights to go and see throughout your time here and its a city that never fails to surprise you!
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By Emma O'Neill

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