Friday, 3 November 2017

overcoming challenges

The Mourne Country Hotel Newry is located on Belfast Road in County Down. I t has a medium sized kitchen with only three chefs I was the fourth. The business turnover is very low which was a little challenging in terms of learning. How much you can learn was limited depending on the head turnovers. Having said that the whole staff from housekeeping, managers, chefs and the owner herself they all were very friendly and lovely to work with. I received all the help I needed to learn and develop my skills in that kitchen though it was quiet. All the chefs ensured that I learned something from them all including teaching me products which were not on the menu on extra quiet days. I handled the deliveries, storage and all departments of the kitchen. I had days where I would work a shift alone from seven in morning until five in the evening. Newry is a very small coastal place but beautiful with a lot of outdoors and festivals if you are an outdoor person. The local people I found them very friendly even though there is a religious history that I found very interesting when I had all the stories of it from my colleague. A part of that religious history march and celebrations took place while I was still in Newry.
My message to any future students doing Erasmus year is that life is always full of challenges, how you tackle them will determine the outcome results. Positive thinking, determination and being open minded helped me to overcome the challenges I had to come across during this year. Never loose heart because things did not turnout the way you wanted, rather work with what you have.

By Sindile Vundla @mournecountryhotel. Newry. Northern Ireland.

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