Monday, 2 October 2017

The incredible highs and very low lows of Michelin

I had always wanted to work in Michelin starred kitchens from when I first got Job as a commis at 16, Having my first taste in Eleven Maddison park in New York seeing how the best kitchen in the world works behind the pass. To another stage in The Greenhouse with Mikael Viljanen, which was not all I wished for. This is when I entered Alimentum, Cambridge. Working under Chef Mark Poynton, I have learned at an exponential rate, from larder, to pastry to garnish I have been shown the ropes around the kitchen.

On Monday 2nd of October, Michelin guide had a ceremony to award the new stars of 2018, with all Irish star holders being invited over adding to speculation of a new Irish two or three star. This alas was not to be, with only one new entry in Ireland. The Wild Honey inn, Clare, took its place in the Michelin guide. Alimentum, Cambridge, lost theirs. I will never forget the feeling of Will, Micky, Ash and I standing on the pass watching the ceremony streamed off ash’s phone and nearly erupting into tears while Araki received its coveted third star, showing what food and Michelin means to chefs.

When the ceremony ended, we searched through the list of retentions for 2018 and could not see Alimentum. We nervously scrolled through the list huddled into the phone we checked the ‘deletions’ section and there we were. Followed by a text from chef Mark “sorry to say we lost the star”. After having our sous chef walk out on Friday and losing our star on Monday, words cannot describe the mood in the kitchen as we try to get through lunch and the majority of this week.

By Luke McLeod
@Restaurant Alimentum
Cambridge, UK

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