Monday, 2 October 2017

First impressions

As part of my course, BA honors  degree in culinary arts  I was required to take part in an international work placement in the first semester of 3rd year, when I first found out that we had to go outside of the republic of Ireland I wanted to travel as far away as possible  because I knew that I would not get an opportunity like this again and that I should make the most of it while I’m still young but then as I began to search for hotels and restaurants to work in, it turned out to be a lot more difficult  that I had expected, from trying to sort out visas and other things like getting paid placement and getting accommodation, while all of this was going on I kind of taught to myself why would I leave Ireland to gain experience when Irish food is the best that it has ever been and it also produces some of the best products in the world, that’s when I began to look at hotels in northern Ireland and I wanted to work in one of the best hotels but I also didn’t want live in the city so that’s when I started to look at Lough Erne resort in Enniskillen, it ticked all the boxes for me, as it was one of the top hotels in Ireland and it had an award winning restaurant which had 3 AA rosettes.
I knew that I would have to move to EnnisKillen but I would still be only a 3 hour drive from my house that I could come home on some of my days off which would suit me prefect.
When it came to moving up north I was not really too nervous about it but I was looking forward to something different and a new challenge in my career but when I did move up  to Enniskillen I really had no idea about the area and what it was like or even about finding accommodation while I was on work placement, thankfully the HR manger from the hotel was one of a kind, I could not thank her enough, she found me a small reasonable priced flat in the Centre of enniskillen which was exactly what I was looking and suited me right down to the ground, she also gave me such a warm welcome to the hotel when I first started working  I was overwhelmed by how nice and friendly all of the staff were, I kept thinking in the back of my head “why is everybody so nice, there must be some sort of catch” but I was every wrong they were just very nice people, When I first arrived at the hotel I could not get over how beautiful it was, from the views of the lake from the golf course to the amazing interior and décor of the reception, restaurant and function room it really was 5 star quality.

By Conor nolan.

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