Thursday, 27 September 2018

The 416, Toronto


My name is Sinéad O’Sullivan and I am currently in my third year studying a BA(Hons) in Culinary Arts in Waterford Institute of Technology. As part of our third year it is mandatory to study for one semester abroad and work for another semester. I chose to study in Humber College, Toronto from September to December. 

Moving and getting settled in Toronto

The transition of moving from home to Toronto was rather a easy one for me due to the fact I had experienced living away from home before. I spent the this summer and last summer working in a beach club in Long Island, New York so I had become well adjusted to life away from Ireland. I chose to move straight from a New York to Toronto which meant a lot of advanced planning, but knowing I would see my classmate Shannon helped hugely with the transition.

Once arrived in Toronto, and my new home for the next four months myself and Shannon made a quick trip to Walmart to buy all the necessities for our rooms such as a duvets, pillows, bedclothes etc. It is important to remember that you must buy all of this as it is an extra cost that you may not think of.


The first week of college basically consisted of orientations, meeting lectures and making new friends.

I have settled into college here very well, our new classmates are so helpful in showing us the ways of culinary life in Humber. All of the lecturers and our course co-ordinator have gone above and beyond to make us feel at home and welcome. As for our classes we take 3 practical classes and one theory class a week.

Our theory class which is Menu Planning. And our practical classes range from Baking and Pastry, Charcuterie and Gardemanger to A la Carte cooking for the Humber Room (the college restaurant). Shannon and myself were the head chefs for the Humber Room for the past 3 weeks. The Humber Room which is opened five days a week, allows both students and lectures to eat inside which results in a much busier lunch service in comparison to what we had experienced in Waterford. Above is a picture of Shannon and myself, after getting feedback from guests about their meal in the Humber Room.


Although one month has just passed, every weekend my new group of friends from all over the world go and explore something new in Toronto. There is so much to do and even more culture to experience.

We have visited the famous Niagara Falls, a trip organised specifically for international students by the college. Along with visiting Toronto Islands, the Canadian National Exhibition, some sports games and many nights out in-between. It has been a jampacked first month hear in Toronto and I cant wait to see what new experiences the next 3 months will bring.

I will check back in when the temperatures finally decreases to the cold Canada I was expecting, Sinéad!
* Fun Fact; The 416, is a nickname used for Toronto as it was the original telephone area code used in the city

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