Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The finish line approaches

I can’t seem to get my head around the fact that I am writing my final blog post. If I was told before starting college that I would live in Canada by myself for half a year working for a nationally recognised company in Calgary and then the Netherlands studying fresh business I would have had trouble believing it but this has been without a doubt the most amazing experience. I’ve developed so much as a person the past year with the help of throwing myself into new situations for example, moving to countries I have never been to before, one of them alone. I never thought that this year would help me grow so much but has been a huge benefit to me personally, my confidence and awareness has improved a great deal.

Scenes from Banff
Canada was a huge learning curve for me, it helped me improve my confidence in the kitchen and allowed me to experience work in different types of environments. I found myself drawing back on all the skills and knowledge I have gained from college often while also learning more while working. I experienced true independence and will always remember my time there. To this day I keep in contact with majority of the chefs and people I met in Calgary (sometimes too often) and hope to return someday.

It is also quite hard to admit that we are very close to the end of our time here in Venlo, we have had the true Erasmus experience. We’ve made friends with people all over the world and have really bonded during our time here. There’s never a moment of loneliness, someone is always up for doing something and the travel opportunities are almost endless. During our time here I have visited more countries than I have the past few years!
A portion of our Venlo family
The work has been tough at times but coming to the end of lectures and exams making their way towards us everything has been coming together. I’m very happy I chose to come to Venlo and study Fresh Business for my placement. I came here with the interest to see a more in-depth view of this side of the industry and I have experienced exactly what I was looking for. It certainly was different to what we’re used to but in time it all came together, and I’ve learned so much during my time here.

Scenes from Bruges
Finally, this whole year has been a pivotal moment in my life. I’ve developed so much during third year as a chef and a person. I’ve gained so many skills, knowledge, met amazing people and seen beautiful places while travelling around the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures the past year, I look forward to returning to WIT for our final year and sharing my experiences with everyone.

Best of luck to everyone starting their journey this year!

For the final time,

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