Sunday, 26 May 2019

An ending to a great year !!

                                               Its not goodbye its a 'see you later'

I can’t believe I’m coming to the end of my erasmus year. What an experience it has been. This year has been one of the most incredible years in my life so far. I have so many skills, skills that have gained my confidence, made me a better chef but must importantly has made me a better person.

This time last year I was getting ready to start at the slieve donard. Going into a new work environment didn’t know what my expectations would be but I look back at my time there now and I can honestly say I have never worked in kitchen that such a close family bond and such a great work ethic and take pride in teaching others how work to in a high pressured environment . These aspects are what is missing in a kitchen setting, a sense of community and respect for one another.

When choosing to select work placement first rather than academic placement was the best decision I could make because I had the chance to save a lot of my wages from working in the Northern Ireland so I could be financially independent when studying in The Netherlands and to also to accommodate my travelling around Europe. I have had the best time here in The Netherlands, making some incredible friends from all over the world and studying a course that’s completely out of my comfort zone but I know it will benefit me going into my final year of college in September and my culinary career in the future. I was very lucky that I have travelled to other countries also such as Germany, Italy and Belgium which were all more beautiful than the other and of course travelling around the beautiful country that is the Netherlands from visiting the beautiful tulip fields of Keukenhof to visiting the astonishing shopping city that is Maastricht I will never forget the scenery, people and oh cant forget about that Dutch beer 😉

For anyone that’s going forward in doing an Erasmus year my advice would don’t be afraid to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone I went from a girl that hated the taught of being away from my family and friends for a long period of time to working and living quiet independently abroad with no feelings of home sickness. The year will define who you are as person and your career going forward so please if you can go out and see the world it is full of amazing people, places and opportunities.

Signing off for the last time.


Aine xo

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