Thursday, 11 April 2019

All college no fun, Makes Rob a dull boy.

greetings from the six,
That's Toronto for anyone who doesn't know, I've decided this blog is going to deviate from the norm in a couple of ways. firstly I think we're putting too much emphasis on college in these blogs if we were  only on international placement for learning we could have stayed in W.I.T. so this blog post is primarily focused on what I've been doing for the last month and a half  outside of my culinary management program at Humber College, Toronto. Secondly, I've been taking a few videos and stuff while on my day to day rambles around Canada and have edited them into some form of clip to better convey what we're at.

You may remember in my last blog post about an upcoming winter camping trip in Killarney provincial park. Well, that come and gone now and I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my entire time in Canada thus far. we spent 3 days in the centre of a national park with 33 other international students from Humber and did so many activities, the below video is only some of what we have done.
it was an expensive excursion but it was a real once in a lifetime kind of experience lying in 2 feet of snow in the middle of a frozen lake in Canada looking at a full moon is something I won't forget soon. so have a quick look at the below video and I apologise for my laugh haha.

of course, Toronto itself is an amazing city and is only an hour away to downtown. due to the perpetual winter, Toronto is currently experiencing most activities are limited to indoor activities so shopping is a major trend we participate in. whether its the Eton centre, a sprawling underground shopping mall 3 storeys deep. walking along the vintage shops of queen street west or the world famous St Lawrence Market in the old town there's always somewhere to pass a bit of time and pick up a bargain. Lawrence market is probably the best place to visit and is a great place to sample some foods and combinations that otherwise would fall under the radar. I've put together a quick video tour of Lawrence market for all you people that cannot make it. apologies that I was stuffing my face at the beginning but the food is just so tasty
of course, we also go out occasionally to pubs and clubs but it's very limited we live quite close to Toronto when public transport is running but when it's over it can be a tad expensive to get a taxi or an uber back to res. one day that we had to celebrate of course was St Patrick's day. we went to the Polsen pier to go to one of Toronto's largest nightclubs "Rebel" it's situated right across the lake from the harbourfront so the view is absolutely stunning. we went with our international group of buddies so there was about 20 of us. two Irish and eighteen pretending to be Irish. as you can probably tell from the below video it was a brilliant day and night and it was nice to have to St Patrick's days in a row when it was snowing. 

of course, we do a lot more things but this is just a quick snapshot of a Humber college international student and how much fun we're having in this wonderful country. College hasn't really changed since my blog was last updated so im leaving till my last blog post to wrap it all up in a nice little package. 
Robert Condren 

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