Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Adventures in Venlo, The Netherlands Part 2

                             Over the Halfway mark 

So heres my second blog of my time here in Venlo. I have over half way there already which is crazy to think its gone that quick. Since my last blog post we really have settled in so well.

We are currently studying Semester 2 of International Fresh Business Management  in Fontys University. The Course consists of 6 Modules ; Fresh Business Knowledge, Marketing, Statistics, Economics, Fresh Supply Chains, Logistics, Study and Career Management and Dutch Language. All modules have a food aspect in the study which makes it quite interesting to learn new information. One of aspect I love about the course is tha there are lot of presentations involved in class work which is a great way to improve your public speaking skills but also to build your confidence.  The college itself is very modern state of the art college with all means of transactions threw card payments ( but unfortunately do not except visas) All around the University there are many comfortable seating areas to sit down to catch up with friends or to get up to date on some college work.

So since the last time we were talking we have been lucky enough to travel to Brussels on a day trip which the University kindly arranged for the exchange students. There was no schedule set out for the day which I would prefer because everyone will want to visit different  tourist attractions then others.  We ate some delicious Belgian waffles ( both sweet and savoury because you know just for future reference on which one we preferred 😉). During the holidays seven of us decided to jet off to the beautiful city of Milan, Italy where we spent five nights there. We travelled around Milan itself the first day but we also visited Lake Como and Bergamo. Lake Como was my favourite part of the trip, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and lake was beautiful.

So Venlo itself it quiet a big town. Im still discovering so many areas of it still. It is quiet busy town especially during hot weather because they such big outdoor sitting areas for the restaurants and cafes here. Our favorite place to go is to Burgers&Beers Restaurant for a delicious Burger it’s a great place for students as they offer very reasonable prices for lunch and dinner. We do also love going to Locomotif Gastro Bar for cold beer and play some card games with friends.

That’s all for now I will be checking in next time for my last blog post of this semester !

Aine 😊

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